Our Roots
Deeply in the soil since our first relative, three centuries ago cultivated in this place, Archanes!

One of the first centers of western civilization next to Knossos. The cultivation of our olive trees is a family tradition that reaches our generation and will continue from the next one. This is our variety: unique because there is love and care. Every year is an exciting experience of harvesting Koroneiki olive olives, a great celebration with our friends and acquaintances.
The main concern in the cultivation of our farms is the friendly intervention in the environment during the harvest so that the natural olive juice reaches our plate! The production every year, spreading its roots to other places and different people, surrounds with respect the big family of Athlos!

Directly from our production

Quality & safety

Competitive prices

Intense fruity taste and aroma of freshly picked olives

1 liter package

Rich in antioxidants and without any chemical treatment

0.5 liter package

100% natural olive juice

Package of 5 liters