Our involvement with the cultivation of olives begins from our childhood as twin brothers, Eleni and George Papoutsaki, which later became a systematic occupation.

We have dedicated our time to the study and development of the tools of cultivation of olive trees. A continuous effort to maintain the knowledge of tradition. By utilizing modern means of production and standardization of olive oil in the best possible way. To pass on to the next generation an environmentally friendly knowledge and respect for humans. Our family is also part of the place.

The Archanes.

Its soils are scattered with endemic and aromatic plants but also the traditional vine and olive crops famous for their quality. The color palette of nature decorates the streets and the architecture and becomes a way of life and culture of all of us. Archanes is part of a multiculturalism, people from all over the world visit us and many Europeans choose as their permanent residence. The path of our history is a feat, as the race every year that starts from the antiquities of Knossos, climbs the Minoan path to the sacred mountain Giouhtas and ends in Archanes.



The type of olive that we cultivate in Archanes is Koroneiki, from which the extra virgin olive oil is produced. Our olive trees are cultivated under the supervision of special agronomists and integrated management methods: organic cultivation, enrichment of the soil with natural fertilization, traps for the insects, special pruning of olive trees, so that the EXTRA VIRGIN OLIVE OIL ATHLOS is produced with minimal natural resources.
The olive fruit is harvested in November and December. The olive collection is ground on the same day in certified olive mills in cold extraction to have the maximum quality yield as a natural olive juice. The EXTRA VIRGIN OLIVE OIL “ATHLOS”  is bottled in special packages and we have it through our organized distribution network.


Our extra virgin olive oil is sold through the organized distribution network inside and outside the borders. Our certified packages cover the need of every household with the possibility of offering for wholesale price and any professional demand.